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ISSN (Print): 1573-4072
ISSN (Online): 1875-6646

Action of the Aqueous Extract of Sesamum Radiatum Schum. & Tonn.(Pedaliaceae) on the Cardiovascular System of Mammalians: Hypotensive Effect

Author(s): Konan Brou Andre, Datte-Jacques Yao and Offoumou Atte Michel

Volume 2 , Issue 3 , 2006

Page: [263 - 267] Pages: 5

DOI: 10.2174/1573407210602030263

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The effects of the aqueous extract of Sesamum radiatum Schum & Tonn (ESera) were studied on the cardiovascular system of mammalians. ESera administered intravenously (6 x 10-4 g/kg b.w. - 5.7 x 10-2 g/kg b.w.), caused a decrease in the arterial blood arterial pressure (hypotension) in a dose-dependent manner (ED50 =0 1.3 x 10-2 g/kg b.w.). These effects induced by ESera were reversed in the presence of atropine at a concentration of 10-8 g/kg b.w. Our observations regarding the isolated heart of rat showed that the extract induced both negative inotropic and negative chronotropic effects. Similarly, the experimentation based on the isolated aorta obtained from guinea pig revealed that the extact decreased the basal tonus of this smooth muscle. These results suggest that ESera could act via cholinergic receptors. The effects of ESera could result from both cardiodepression and vasorelaxation mechanism.

Keywords: Sesamum radiatum aqueous extract (ESera), cardiovascular system, arterial blood pressure, cardiac muscle, aorta

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