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Infectious Disorders - Drug Targets


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Repurposing of Existing Drugs for the Bacterial Infections: An In silico and In vitro Study

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Author(s): Yachika Kapoor, Ruchika Sharma and Anoop Kumar*

Background: The emergence of infectious diseases and its resistance to approved drugs is a global threat to human health. The incidence of infectious diseases is increasing day by day and expected to rise exponentially in next 2 decades. Thus, there is a need for new treatment modalities for the treatment of microbial infections.

Objective: Thus, in the current investigation, we have explored the existing drugs [metformin (Anti-diabetic), propranolol (Anti-hypertensive), and amitriptyline (antidepressant)] for treatment of infectious diseases.

Results: An in-silico result of current investigation has shown the good interaction of metformin, propranolol, and amitriptyline towards various targets (Beta-lactamase, Penicillin-binding proteins, Staphylokinase protein, Oxidoreductase protein, etc.) of gram positive and gram negative bacteria as that of internal ligand. Further, in-vitro results have shown that the antibacterial activity of metformin, propranolol, and amitriptyline against Bacillus pumilus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus.

Conclusion: The parameters such as Microtiter assay: percentage growth retardation and bacterial growth kinetics, Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC), Post-antibiotic assay and Biofilm formation have indicated the antibacterial potential of metformin, propranolol, and amitriptyline. However, before starting a clinical trial, complete safety and efficacy profile of drugs in the treatment of infectious diseases should be investigated.

Keywords: Infectious diseases, Drug repurposition, In silico, In vitro studies

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