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Ag/CdS Nanocomposite: An Efficient Recyclable Catalyst for the Synthesis of Novel 8-Aryl-8H-[1,3]dioxolo[4,5-g]chromene-6-carboxylic Acids under Mild Reaction Conditions

Author(s): Shahrzad Abdolmohammadi*, Seyed Reza Rasouli Nasrabadi, Ahmad Seif and Narges Elmi Fard

Volume 21 , Issue 5 , 2018

Page: [323 - 328] Pages: 6

DOI: 10.2174/1386207321666180604104456

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Aim and Objective: Chromene derivatives are privileged heterocyclic systems that exhibit various types of biological properties such as antioxidant, anticancer, antimicrobial, hypotensive, and local anesthetic. Cadmium sulfide nanoparticles (CdS NPs) as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst is used in various organic transformations because of its certain unique and unusual physico-chemical properties. The effectiveness of catalytic activity of CdS NPs can be improved due to the combined effect of Ag particles.

Results: Ag/CdS nanocomposite is a readily available, recyclable, and non-toxic catalyst used for the highly efficient synthesis of novel 8-aryl-8H-[1,3]dioxolo[4,5-g]chromrne-6-carboxylic acids. This reaction is conveniently performed under mild reaction conditions. All synthesized compounds were well characterized by their satisfactory elemental analyses, IR, 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy. The synthesized catalyst was fully characterized by XRD, SEM, and EDX techniques.

Materials and Methods: The present methodology focuses on the condensation reaction of arylmethylidenepyruvic acids with 3,4-methylenedioxyphenol, using a catalytic amount of Ag/CdS nanocomposite (15 mol%) in aqueous media at room temperature to afford 8-aryl-8H-[1,3]dioxolo [4,5-g]chromrne-6-carboxylic acids in high yields (90-97%) within short reaction times (2-4 h). The Ag/CdS nanocomposite was also prepared by an ultrasonic-assisted sol-gel method.

Conclusion: In conclusion, we have successfully synthesized novel 8-aryl-8H-[1,3]dioxolo[4,5- g]chromrne-6-carboxylic acid derivatives by the Ag/CdS nanocomposite catalyzed cyclocondensation reaction of arylmethylidenepyruvic acids with 3,4-methylenedioxyphenol under mild reaction conditions. Environmentally benign procedure, high to excellent yields of products, simplicity of operation, and use of readily available and recyclable catalyst are the advantages of this new practical reaction.

Keywords: Ag/CdS nanocomposite, aqueous media, arylmethylidenepyruvic acids, environmentally benign procedure, 3, 4- methylenedioxyphenol, mild reaction conditions, recyclability of catalyst.

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